Bondi Girls Surf Riders is a club for surfer girls and women of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. The club promotes women’s surfing through creating a friendly, supportive environment where members can meet girls that surf and support each other in improving their surfing ability.

  • Meet other girls who surf and have a fun time!
  • Support each other in improving our surfing ability.
  • Work together to make the club enjoyable for all.
  • Explore new surfing spots and get heaps of waves.
  • Promote women’s surfing on the Eastern Beaches.


  • President: Jacki Jameson
  • Secretary: Lorraine Marsh
  • Treasurer: Jeanne Ilves
  • Competition Director, Head Judge: Brenda Miley
  • Points Custodian: Anita Whittingham
  • New Membership Communications: Arielle Nackache-Moulay
  • Website Coordinator: Silke Weiss
  • Social Media / Club Communications: Lorraine Marsh & Teresa Ruth
  • Social Coordinator: Michelle Granger
  • Surfing NSW Liaison: Jacki Jameson
  • Titilia Latianara
  • Karin Sowoda