April competition

What a first comp!  The weather behaved itself and we had a great turn out.  The scores are below.  Thanks to Talia and Coco's mum for taking the photos. Read more

Comp Scores

Junior 1. Ebony Smith 2. Jesse Doull 3. Lucy Graham 4. Sarah Lucantonio 5. Laila Rich 6. Coco Angus
Longboard  1. Georgia Tomaszuc 2. Brenda Miley 3. Julia Dangar 4. Rosie Favre 5. Jacki Jameson 6. Michelle Granger
Advanced  1. Clare Coleman 2. Georgia Tomaszuc 3. Lucy Kavanagh 4. Brenda Miley 5. Grace Bambridge 6. Sue Narita 7. Laila Rich
Intermediate A  1. Claudia Berman 2. Helen Morahan 3. Silke Weiss 4. Emma O'Leary 5. Shaakira Aaiffin 5. Bianca Van Elteren 6. Jacki Jameson 6. Sarah Holding 7. Mel Meredith 7. Sofia Bartlett 8. Abi Davey
Intermediate B  1. Ebony Smith 2. Coco Angus 3. Talia Freedman 4. Tamara Frank 5. Rosie Favre 6. Titilia Latianara 7. Lucy Graham 7. Sarah Lucantonio 8.Louise Doran 8. Una McKay 8. Julia Dangar 9. Katie Smee 9. Leigh Nelson 9. Michelle Granger
Beginners  1. Jeannie Ilves 2. Anita Whiitingham 3. Janet Hinde 4. Jenna Formby 5. Samantha Kidman 6. Brei Dwyer 6. Stephanie Teasdale 6. Lou Barr


March Comp Wrap Up

March Meet/Greet/Compete

Well that didn't quite go to plan did it?  Mother Nature really showed us who is boss on Saturday.  We had just finished registration and setting up breakfast when the sky opened. However, the BGSR committee were blown away (almost literally haha) by the number of you who turned up in the terrible conditions to compete, learn more and say 'Hi'! Even after we all ran to the Pavilion, lots of you stayed around to continue chatting. This is what the club is all about. (more…)