A central part of life at BGSR is the monthly Comp. The Comps are designed to create an environment of support, fun and improvement.

There are grades to suit all ages and abilities and currently include:

  • Juniors 
  • Adult Beginners
  • Long Board
  • Intermediate A
  • Intermediate B
  • Advanced

BGSR actively seeks female surfers of all shapes, sizes and abilities from juniors to adults. 

How the monthly competitions work

The Competitions are held on the first Saturday of every month from March through to December of each year. 

All competitors meet at the third ramp near the life guard tower or down on Bondi Beach at the BGSR tent at 7.30am sharp. From here we decide on the best bank to hold the Comp. 

All competitors must register by 7.30am. You must be a financial member to compete.

There is a Competition Information Board at the tent and frequent announcements on up-coming heats and finals.

All new members are also given a full explanation prior to hitting the water in their first Competition, for more information download our competition guidelines.

Comps are rarely cancelled unless conditions are deemed too dangerous to proceed. This decision is not made until 7.45am on the morning of the contest. In the event that a comp is cancelled then the available points for that grade will be evenly distributed to all those surfers who turned up on the day. Comps are not usually postponed. If a Comp has to be cancelled during the day then the Comp Director will guide the competitors.

Points will be accrued over the season and tallied at the end of the year giving you the chance to win trophies and prizes.

Remember, you can be as competitive or not as you like…You choose!